Let the Major take command of your business critical data

Major Backup offers the industry's best online business backup.



Major Backup - Secure Online Business Backup

Essential Business Practise & Data Breakdown Cover

Major Backup protects your vulnerable and valuable business data from human error and disaster. Backup as many PCs as you require and manage your backups - all included in the low price of Major Backup for Business.

Our unique approach to your cricital business data provides the ultimate in data protection. We provide data recovery services providing a "second line" of defence should disaster strike!

Security And Protection

The Major uses a three-tiered security system providing complete data security and privacy protection. The level of encryption used is of a military grade standard which encrypts your data with a password only you have access to.

Data Management You Need

We also provide data monitoring, so when you data is updated The Major backs it up! Also we don't just keep one version of a file, we keep multiple versions allowing you an unlimited version history of your files.

Server Solutions

Focus on your growing business and The Major will focus on your online backup. Major Backup Services eliminate the  work of manual backup, recovery, and coordinating backups for all of your machines and servers.

Major Backup Highlights

  • Simple - Backup Wizard to create backup policys
  • Secure - Military Grade Security
  • Speed - Super Fast Backup
  • Instant - Continuous Data Backup
  • Powerful - Recover and restore your file versions
  • Free Data Recovery - Complete Data Protection